PRC74 on Veterans Day, 11 Nov. 2020, at 1700z, on 14060.5 kHz.


w0rw/pm, 11 Nov. 2020, Honoring Veterans.
Times: 1700z and 2100z, 
Freq: 14060.5 kHz,  +/- 1 Khz.

  The PRC74 is a Viet Nam Era Military  Radio. 
It is a solid state, fully synthesized, 1964, backpack radio.
   This radio spent 40 years in a junk yard and is now back on the air !
    It is not a 'Hanger Queen'.
(See pictures and info at : <>.

   The entire rig weighs 30 (heavy metal) pounds and that's with the new Li-Ion battery pack.
   It is a Special Forces Radio used for long range comms.
This radio has at least 53  HC-49 crystals in it.
They are used to mix all the channel frequencies in 1 kHz steps from 2 to 18 MHz.
   Replacement of all the crystals today would cost  $2,000.
The original cost was of the radio $5,560. The cost of my new Chevy was  $2500.
   Other similar Green radios used in Viet Nam were the Squad radios, PRC25 and PRC77, for short range low power FM communications, 30-76 MHz.

   You can read more about this radios in KI0PF's, book..."MIL SPEC RADIO GEAR",
or see a PRC74 Video at
made by Steve wg0at.ThanksSteve.
   My QSL Card is a color picture of my PRC74B.

If you are a Veteran,  Thank  You....
Happy Vets Day...
Paul   w0rw

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