Re: What's On Your Bench?

Woody Hester

Recently finished installing the spot function on my 4SQRP station (SS-40, NS-40, SVXO, Magic Box). A little bit of a chirp, but not shameful so I'm going with it.  Helps me make contacts because everyone want to tell me about the tiny chirp, Hah!  I have been slowly improving that station for 9 years now!  Wow!  I really am a slow builder!

Slowly plugging away on the QRP Labs 50W Amplifier for my QCX+.  I'll run it at 15V (about 30W) when I really need to dig deep to BUST a pile up ha ha.  Winding the trifilar transformer at T-1, then getting it properly mounted on the board was a challenge for me!  First time I botched it, but second time I got it done.

Not sure what's next, but given the Covid winter ahead, there will certainly be more! / Woody / WD9F

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