Re: What's On Your Bench?


playing with new to me  hw8  .puting diff final in   got a solid state relay coming . old mechanical one hangs up some  .built another qrpometer for a friend. he went qro so now have two .hi hi  817 .nd, ats4.rock might getting used ..did buy a chrome dual lever vibroplex .don't like it  got the deluxe straight key also  now thats cool .  7300 runs a cool 5 watts mtr 3 put calf filter on mtr  it works great .  i listen to the net on wed sometimes. checked in with johnny but he cant hear me>  its too fast for me anyhow.  i still run 12 to 14 wpm  guess i am stuck there . but thats ok still get lots of air time  73  JIM  KC0DD   # 187       HAVE A BLESSED DAY  

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