Re: What's On Your Bench?

Bobby Drummond

Just finished a retro rig (6AW8 / 6BQ6  40 meter MOPA transmitter) based on an 15 meter Novice transmitter article in the April 1959 edition of Popular Electronics magazine.  It works fine and I've made around 30 QSOs with it so far.  <>

Starting a 60 meter solid state transmitter now.  Schematic enclosed below.   Crystals for 2 of the channels for 60 meters are available from 3rd Planet Solar, by the way. <> I've ordered the necessary parts and have received them in the last week.  Have laid out on paper the placement location of the components on a blank circuit board (will use Manhattan technique to mount them using a modified drill bit to make the "islands" - thanks QRP Quarterly Magazine for the idea for that technique.

Looking forward to finishing it up, smoke testing and putting it on the air this week.  (Note:  the FET final in this transmitter is a Class E type design, similar to the None Simpler 40 meter transmitter of yesteryear  from 4 State QRP - without the cool spiral coils though)  and dig that complementary symmetry driver, will ya'! 

When this one is finished and subsequent QSOs have been made, I already have plans for more bench projects.  That's one of the things retirement's for, right?

May all your projects be great learning experiences and have minimal frustrations (inevitable) and bring you tons of satisfaction (highly likely with support from this group)

P.S.  if the 60 meter transmitter described inspires you to build one too, put that thang on the air and proudly say, " . .  tx here, OM is homebrew, xtal controlled and "__" watts out" and listen out for me on mine.  It would be great to work someone GW3UWP-transmitter-to-GW3UWP-transmitter on 60 meters.

73 de AK4JA

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