Re: What's On Your Bench?


What's on the bench?  Too much! hihihi

The N75 is at the operating position providing music and the necessary sounds of the atmosphere as she dances the night away.

There's a new V6.2 µBITX on the bench in the early stages of being supplemented and boxed.  Well, it's spending more time under the bench because there's a KX4Z digital mode interface board in process*.  I'm installing the 7 dB pad* in my somewhat experienced WA2EBY amp to play nicely with the µBITX when it's ready.  There's a W0EB raduino clone board (moving from arduino to Teensy 4.0) in progress.  A bit farther down the list, I'm waiting for my first 'operational' board from OshPark.  I think I finally figured out how to go from schematic to board with KiCad.  If it works, the small SMD ILER40 Mk2 mic preamp board will be part of the µBITX project.  (* Waiting on a CARE package from Mouser)  There's also a 12/24V LiFePO4 battery box in the early stages that'll run both the radio and WA2EBY amp.

To stay under the bench until I again feel like playing with 14 AWG magnet wire is the hybrid DJ0ABR/W6PQL 1500W amplifier project...and the associated power supply project.

Thirded or fourth'd for the Weller WES51!

Has anyone seen the Mouser bag of 0805 4K7 resistors?  It's around here somewhere...  hihihi

72/73, Andy, KG5RKP

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