Re: What's On Your Bench?

Jerome Wysocki

Hi Lee,
You certainly did a great job in constructing your clone of the Philmore Xmtr and power supply. You could probably make some good part time money offering for sale the following options for the Philmore.
1. A bare, undrilled chassis. 2. A bare, drilled chassis. 3. A bare, drilled, painted chassis. 4. A complete kit, with drilled, painted chassis, and all parts.
I believe there is a market out there that might be sufficient to make it worthwhile. I know someone did exactly that for the popular Ameco AC-1, 6V6 Xmtr. The Philmore design is superior to the AC-1. You might even consider such options as above, with the AC-1, as a clone.
... Jerry Wysocki, KC9JXE

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