Re: What's On Your Bench?


Nice thread!  Motivating. 

Our local club build of v4 ubitx delayed a host of projects - so just getting back.  It was nifty to hang out with more than 2 dozen builders, many who had never built a rig before.  Of course the v4 needs a lot of care - mods for spurs etc.  Mine has a nifty AGC made from an LED and a photoresistor that works amazing (and makes light!). 

Just a couple days ago replaced a volume pot on a cheap reproduction AM/FM radio.  Why do I mention this?  A lot of disassembly to get to it.  Board with a few cheap parts on it buried inside -- wow the sound of a big speaker in a wood cabinet - this thing sounds great (the original pot was always bad). 

Built a QCX+ and companion PA for 80m -- very nice rig and the new version is easier with larger part spacing. 

Put up the short 250+ foot Beverage that just fits in my yard - at times it is amazing, and often gentler on the ears. 

Turned on my WBR regen for 40m - this thing is amazing even though it does not look like much.  I can copy CW signals well enough to QSO with it.  One of a few regens homebrewed -- maybe someday I can graduate to superhets - I have a HYCAS and a few other modules sitting on a breadboard -- and I need to finish assembly of the now-obsolete PHSNA that is mostly assembled. 

I am fixing a variable voltage power supply built from QST nearly 40 years ago - it never would reach above 9 volts so maybe a bad lm317 we will see. 

Have some stuff gathered for a tube Tx to 'replace' the xtal controlled tuna-tin+mosfet I used with my first receiver. 

enjoy your efforts. 

Curt wb8yyy

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