Re: What's On Your Bench?

Jim, N5IB

My bench has been hosting a couple of Arduino projects, and a long neglected Raspberry Pi.
The article in the recent QST has set me off to making a VFO with an Arduino NANO and a Si5351a.
So far have a basic programmable signal generator working. Next to play with an output coupling/impedance matching transformer.

I haven't played with the Raspberry Pi in so long I've forgotten most of what I learned..... so went back to the bench... errrr, kitchen countertop.... and started in on a no-sugar-added Apple Pi(e) photo attached .... note the Morse Characters, sinewave, comet, moon, lightning, hurricane (of course, in LA) and the sun .... complete with spots!

Gloria, WD5CMA, will give a detailed signal report later this evening :^))

Jim, N5IB

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