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Dave NZ1J

For a long time, I used 700 degrees for just about everything.  Lately, I find myself inching up toward 800 degrees.  Also, I only use Kester rosin core solder.  I've worked at companies that have switched to 'no clean' flux and more recently lead free solder.  That's okay for them, but I'll stick with good quality rosin core solder at home.
Dave NZ1J

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From: "Woody Hester via" <fghester@...>
Subject: [4SQRP] Soldering Iron Temperature
Date: Sat, 21 Nov 2020 12:11:02 -0800

Questions for experienced builders who have a soldering station that allows the temperature of the tip to be adjusted.

For normal kit building, what  temperature do you generally use? (Fahrenheit please).

Are there specific tasks during the build when you increase, or decrease the temperature?  If so, in just a few words, what are they?

How hard, or easy is it to damage certain components or even the board if too hot? ...and what is too hot?

If your answers are reasonably short and would be of interest to others answer on list.  Also feel free to "Elmer me" off list.  I recently burned through a trace on a board that wasn't visible.  It was a challenge to isolate and fix the problem.... so, I need to learn.  Thanks / Woody / WD9F


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