Re: Soldering Iron Temperature

Cliff Fox (KU4GW)

Hi Woody,
                  My el cheapo made in China soldering station I picked up at the 2013 Dayton Hamvention doesn't have a temperature scale, only one with colors so I'm not exactly sure of the temperature, but I run it turned clockwise to around what would be 5 pm on a clock face, maxium is at 6 pm. I also prefer the old 60/40 rosin core lead solder and there's always plenty to be had every year at the Shelby, NC Hamfest, well, up until this year because of it being cancelled due to covid-19. Just a tip for the method I use when soldering discrete non-SMT components I clamp a pair of hemostats on the component lead up close to where the lead enters into the component for a heat sink to prevent me accidentally damaging the component by overheating it with my soldering iron. I can barely see well enough anymore for SMT components due to sugar diabetes blurring my vision. I have overheated and lifted a foil trace from a PC board whentrying to desolder using the woven copper wick and sound up having to make a jumper from a tiny piece of hookup wire. After that I bought one of the desoldering irons that has the red rubber squeeze bulb alongside of the iron at a local Radio Shack store and it sorks fantastic! If you don't want to spend a lot on a rework station I highly recommend one of those desoldering irons. You can still find them on both eBay and Amazon. I hope you and yours have a very "Happy Thanksgiving" & a very " Merry Christmas" as well! Let's hope & pray we have a good 2021, beating 2020 sure won't be hard to do! 

Very 72/73 de Cliff 
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