Re: Soldering Iron Temperature

Paul Goemans

Interesting concept. That was 50 years ago. A modern temperature controlled solder pencil will just crank more power into the heating element to maintain temperature. So you won’t gain any element life, and in fact be shortening its life!


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On Nov 22, 2020, at 10:03 PM, Jerome Wysocki <> wrote:

I remember an old trick reported in Popular Electronics in the earlier 1960s. The author would wrap some 14 gauge bare copper wire closely and tightly around the outside porcelain part of of the heating element of a soldering iron. He claimed the copper acted like a heat sink, to remove excess heat from the outside shell of the heating element, claiming that this will drastically increase the life of the heating element. Now that I am starting to do a lot more soldering than I have in recent years, I think I'll try it. It can't hurt.

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