4SQRP] 30 Meter Hilltopper Kit & More

Andy - GM0NWI

For whats worth, not much probably !

I’d love to see them complete-everything-you-need

SMD Kit Form

Once even the oldest or novice ham practices in tranquil surrounding i think even they would become accomplished constructors

Everythings getting smaller in footprint in our world so why not be the folks to give confidence in abundance

as a club designing state-of-the-art SMDKits ?

OR BRINGING BACK KITTED things Like Norcal Sierra - NC-20/30/40

A new “ Build It Your Complete Kit Of Needed Bits “ to construct a small-footprint “ Bug “ !

Loads ! Of Options

I myself have put out the idea many a time for a club to do-things with the north ottawa qrp club ( micro model only ) touch-paddle

With things that could be added etc

Alas to no avail put down like a horse no longer required for the job

This is only thought on the SMD package but if folks had a lil’ smt tool supply along with their everyday soldering tools

Then kits would more requested & tried as the fear factor would deminish

72’s 73’s
Andy -GM0NWI

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