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John - KK4ITX

I think that the problem with SMT kits will be in IDing the various components at the build stage. 

 I have only built a few projects that require SMT and got the hang of it quickly but at 77 I confess that my eyes are not quite what they used to be AND from what I’ve read some parts actually don’t have any ID on them so it’s difficult for the kitter and the kit builder.  Perhaps a dot of color and separate packages for caps and resistors ?

One does need some steady hands and eye assistance but the results are worth the effort.


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On Nov 23, 2020, at 20:30, Andy - GM0NWI via <andy.gm0nwi1@...> wrote:

For whats worth, not much probably !

I’d love to see them complete-everything-you-need

SMD Kit Form

Once even the oldest or novice ham practices in tranquil surrounding i think even they would become accomplished constructors

Everythings getting smaller in footprint in our world so why not be the  folks to give confidence in abundance

as a club designing state-of-the-art SMDKits ?

OR BRINGING BACK KITTED things Like Norcal Sierra - NC-20/30/40

A new “ Build It Your Complete Kit Of Needed Bits “ to construct a small-footprint “ Bug “ !

Loads ! Of Options

I myself have put out the idea many a time for a club to do-things with the north ottawa qrp club ( micro model only ) touch-paddle

With things that could be added etc

Alas to no avail put down like a horse no longer required for the job

This is only thought on the SMD package but if folks had a lil’ smt tool supply along with their everyday soldering tools

Then kits would more requested & tried as the fear factor would deminish

72’s 73’s
Andy -GM0NWI

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