Re: 60 Meter crystals needed


Back to the subject of 60 meter crystals:

Well, I tried Bomar Crystals Company for 60 meter crystals and they sent me an e-mail that they can make them, so I sent the an order for a quote on 2crystals each for channels 1, 2, & 3.  Here is the cost quote that I received from them:


Please find below quotation for your review and approval.
Custom Radio Crystals for:
Homebrew QRP
Per your previous email you indicated as below
Load capacitance: 30 pF
XX = 30
Temp. range:  -10/+50C   = B
Tolerance:  30 PPM = E
Stability:  30 PPM = E
Mode:  Fundamental = 1 Qty: 2 each of

Qty: 6
Unit price : $45.00
Lead time: 4 to 6 weeks

Please note our Minimum order is $100.00 or 2 xtals @ $50.00 each
plus Shipping via US Priority Mail is $10.00


Since they are $45 each ($50 if I order only 2 because of minimum order being $100), the full set of 6 would slap me with a $270 bill (plus postage - probably still $10).

Since I don't have a money room like Scrooge McDuck, I will have to pass on the Bomar deal and keep searching for a crystal source with affordable prices.

EuGene, KA5NLY

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