Re: 60 Meter crystals needed


Well, I said phooey on Bomar and bought EPSON SGR-8002DC-PTM   crystal replacement oscillators from Digikey for $4.10 each.  They are super accurate (better than most crystals) and are direct replacements - except they need 5 volts to operate (no big deal).and won't plug into the crystal sockets, so one needs to make jumper cables to  to connect them to the crystal sockets.  I will put them in a small project box...probably use a 9 volt source with a resistor or regulator to get the needed 5 volts..That way I can use a 9 volt wall wart in the shack and 9volt battery in the field (back packing, SOTA, Field Day, etc.).  Current draw is so low that the battery should last quite a while, but  one can always carry spare 9 volt batteries in their pocket or back pack for extended portable operation.

Golly, I'll try anything before I will pay $45 each for crystals!!

EuGene, KA5NLY

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