Re: 4SQRP] 30 Meter Hilltopper Kit & More



interesting thoughts. with some key parts like Si5351a PLL's only available in SMD form we are seeing more hybrid kits, with these critters pre-installed.  note QRP Labs is planning a smaller version of QCX with the builder only having to install through hole parts. 

I did look over a few of my SMD successes -- let's see a frequency counter to the NC2030 that was nearly all surface mount.  Maybe my biggest SMD wonder was homebrewing a WBR regen receiver (which BTW is a wonderful 40m CW/SSB receiver) that needed a small value varactor.  i had gotten a very tiny sample, mounted it to a little board made for some IC form factor that fit - and it let me attach leads to it.  could I do it again?  maybe.  am I am looking forward to maybe replacing a bad Si5351a on my original QCX (when and if I order one)?  i guess I should be up to the challenge but it might take some patient effort. 

some of us have deep enough stashes of thru hole parts, but the opportunity to mount a few SMD parts for a project (on media that can accept them) is worthwhile.  or build something with tubes and real big components. 

73 CUL curt wb8yyy

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