Re: QSTs (2015, 2016, 2017)

Andy - GM0NWI

As a Scottish Ham licensed in early 1990’ 

I used to wait for our club when i was a member back then to receive CQ & QST magazine

Loved ALL the content no matter how easy or difficult to read an article was at first

The of course there was QEX, Ham Radio

The list goes on ...

I “ do & don’t “ understand why folks get rid of their treasured issues.  Nowadays you dont need to troll thru actual paper to find articles when you can cross-reference via the net

If space is a premium theres always a real good sealed box or 2 in the loft or garage

“ Why discard & waste a lifetime of learning “

We’re the older generation now and are forever crying out about a “ wasteful society “

Lastly Myself ...

Would LOVE free paper copies of 

The Novice ( Item Builds In General ) & The Good QRP/QRPp ( Item Builds In General )

Minimalist Radio Equipment In General )

From the pages of ANY past Journals
I am QRZ QTHR ... ( If Anyone Cares To Know )

Andy - GM0NWI

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