Re: Soldering Iron Temperature


Hi Woody, as stated below, soldering is as much an art as a science. I personally use 62/36/2 Rosen core 
solder. It is a utectic blend that contains 2% silver which really improves the wetting property. I have been
using 015 diameter for most through hole and smd work. I generally keep my iron at about 625 Ffor most 
pic board work and maybe 750 F for large pic board mounted components that act as a heat sink. For
very large metal components such as PL259 shields I have a big old Waller 300 watt gun. For removing
through hole components I use a bulb mounted solder sucker that is mounted on a hollow tipped
soldering iron. To solder through hole components apply the iron tip to both the pan and the lead. Apply
the solder to the junction of the iron tip and pad. As the solder begins to flow, it helps heat transfer. Apply 
only enough solder so that you can still see the lead and the joint is smooth and convex in shape. Cut 
off the component lead slightly above the board 1/32 inch. Reapply the iron to ensure good uniform flow.
The joint should be shiny and smooth. The reason to leave some lead above the board is to aid in. 
Removing the component when and if it becomes necessary. I hope this helps.

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