The Bayou Jumper on a POTA activation


Hi. I just wanted to say thank you to 4SQRP for designing and helping me build my Bayou Jumper several years ago. It is such a fun and challenging rig to operate. The history of the Paraset radio in WW2 is fascinating. I decided that it was time to do a POTA activation with my BJ (serial # 033). Below was my post to POTA. TNXAGN for such a great little QRP rig..

After a number of POTA activations with my IC 7300 it was time to take my Paraset Replica, Bayou Jumper, to an activation. Would this well designed QRP Replica of a WW2 spy radio with its regenerative RX, crystal controlled TX, absence of a side tone, and no filters be able to complete an activation? YES it can! Using my CW club call sign W2LCW I logged 26 Qs in a little over an hour at Oyster Bay National Wildlife Refuge K-0477. Thanks to those who called and are in the log. Apologies to those who called and were not heard. The regenerative RX was working as hard as it could to pull you out! 73 Peter AA2VG--
Peter S. DeLuca

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