Hilltoppers 30 update


I successfully completed building the Hilltoppers 30 today. It works great. Power out is a full 5 watts @ 12 volts d.c. I was able to achieve this power by evenly spacing the turns on L6 , and compressing the turns on L7. This is a normal way of adjusting a pi network for proper impedance match. I wanted the side tone to be a little bit louder, so I paralleled R7 with a 470k resistor that I tacked on the bottom of the board. This increased the side tone level. By about 1 1/2 times. I. Left C15 out as I have done in both my HT20 , and HT;40. I found that with C15 installed I can't get the bfo to tune to the 800 hz off set. I opted to wind L6, and L7 with #24 magnet wire as I have plenty on hand and it's much easier to get a tight winding with thinner wire on size 37 cores. I did use the supplied # 21 wire to wind the drain choke. All in all a very enjoyable kit to build and It appears to have good performance. I can't wait until I can take it outside and try it out on the air. Thanks for providing this fine kit to the qrp community.

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