A good day for Hilltoppers at W3BNO


It was a beautiful sunny and somewhat warm for December in north Alabama today so I took my three Hilltoppers and my buddy stick outside to play. Thirty was pretty dead, only copied one QSO, but the good news is That the Hilltoppers 30 seems to work fine. Changed the buddy stick set up for 40 and connected the Hilltoppers 40 . Had a great long rag chew with John N8DUS in Mi. I have recently been going over my collection of Vibroplex bugs, and the one I used today was mode in 1948. It spent the first part of its life in a rail road telegraphers office. I love these old bugs, as they were built to last. I finished my adventure on 20, using the Hilltoppers 20. Twenty was pretty dead by that time in the late afternoon but I was able to take the opportunity to fine tune the buddy stick for the CW segment of the band. I am Truly amazed at the performance of this small portable antenna. I guess it's really true, that a bad day hamming is better then a good day at work.
Best of 72s and enjoy ham radio. W3BNO
P.s. If your thinking about getting a Hilltoppers, just do it. These are really great rigs and a real bargain considering the reasonable cost

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