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AG1P Ron

GM Everyone,

The Cric-Key webpage has been changed and the kit is now open for sales

72 - Ron - AG1P

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Gm Bob

We’re not out, I just made the announcement before our webmaster updated the web page.

We have a time zone difference of 2 hours.




On Fri, Dec 18, 2020 at 8:44 AM Bob - K2KI <k2ki@...> wrote:

Sold out already?
Next time, I  gotta be faster on the draw. :-)

73/72 . .
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On 12/18/2020 9:15 AM, Johnny AC0BQ wrote:

Gm Group

If you have been waiting for a stocking stuffer, we have the Cric-Key back in stock.

Many thanks to our new kitter, Gene KG6EYE for pulling them together in record time!


You can order here:


Happy Holidays


Johnny ACØBQ 



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