Re: K8IQY Stand Alone VXO Problem


Another similar suggestion. Amazon sells what they call a multifunction tester (range $10 - $15). These amazing devices display the schematic symbol of the part as well as its value. If you test a molded inductor it will display the inductor symbol along with the measured value. They also do transistors, diodes, capacitors, and resistors.  The one I have is more accurate than the handheld LCR meter, and measures to a lower range than the LCR meter.


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Fantastic. Whenever you are uncertain identifying resistors and chokes, use your dvm.

It might be interesting to add a little more inductance in series to see if you can pull it lower.

Coolest vxo? The norcal 38special uses a 22 Mhz crystal that covers nearly 20 kHz, then it mixes down with another xtal to reach 30m. Would be cool to get a vxo onto 28 MHz for the next peak.

73 curt

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