Re: K8IQY Stand Alone VXO Problem

Robert Harrison

Hi Curt-

Added the spare 1.2 uh choke in series as an experiment, there are two spare pads for adding 2 additional inductors in series for such experimentation on other frequencies or in this case closer to the values specified in the assembly manual.

Successfully, moved the frequency now to 7114.25 - 7125.52, figure that is "good enough", no other molded chokes just sitting around.

Trying to complete some old projects that have been sitting around unfinished, this one since 2012 was partially completed.  Was to be included with a NS-40 also unfinished.

Happy New Year,

robert kg6tgi

---- On Fri, 25 Dec 2020 19:09:27 -0800 Curt via <wb8yyy@...> wrote ----

Fantastic. Whenever you are uncertain identifying resistors and chokes, use your dvm.

It might be interesting to add a little more inductance in series to see if you can pull it lower.

Coolest vxo? The norcal 38special uses a 22 Mhz crystal that covers nearly 20 kHz, then it mixes down with another xtal to reach 30m. Would be cool to get a vxo onto 28 MHz for the next peak.

73 curt

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