Circuit to use oscillator IC in place of crystal


I finally gave up on finding crystals for the 60 meter channels; what I did find was custom cut crystals from $50 - $80, which I can't afford.  So, I went to Digi-Key and bought the Epson 4-pin DIP IC's for the channels I needed at $14 per channel.

So, I now have a couple of the Epson K4511 4-pin DIP oscillators for  60 meter channels #1 (5.332 mHz) and #2 (5.348 mHz) that I want to use in place of the unobtainable crystals for those frequencies.  Of course the oscillators need to be in some sort of circuit to provide the power for them to operate and to make them compatible with the transmitter so the output of the oscillator circuit can be plugged directly into the crystal socket to operate the QRPp transmitter.

I found such a simple circuit several months ago, but now cannot remember where I found it and have failed to locate it again.  Groan!  Any help will be greatly appreciated

EuGene Smith, KA5NLY

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