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TheARRL is seeking input to proposed band plan changes in the upcoming IARU
convention in Mexico. Everyone needs to read the proposed changes, and
voice any support or opposition as you see fit. The proposals can be
seen here:
ITU Region2 hams, especially CW and digital mode operators better be for
submitting any comments quickly to oppose putting our 40 meter bandplan
in step with either ITU region 1 or 3! There is a March 1st deadline for
submitting comments! I have already submitted mine in opposition. Submit
them ASAP to Other member nations of ITU Region 2
can get the contact info for their ITU go to person at
There is one change that concerns me deeply.
Currently, 40M narrow band modes are used from 7,000
kHz to 7,125 kHz. The proposal is to cut this down to a 40 KHz section
from 7,000 kHz to 7,040 kHz. Please get involved by voicing your
opinion! Please share this information with all your amateur radio
friends ASAP! Very 73 de KU4GW
I don't see the need for alarm as SSB is already quite prevalent above
7040 kHz and has been for years. Most of it that we hear on 40m comes
from this hemisphere and we've learned to deal with it.

In my humble opinion, it is well past time that we in the US drop this
Incentive Licensing based band regulations. We are not in harmony with
the way the rest of the world uses the bands any more. Shoot! we here
in the US do not use about 35 to 40 kHz of prime 20m spectrum due to our
assinine band regulations that no one sees fit to change! I really do
think that the artificial limits on phone operation and digital
operations do not serve us well today and have outlived their
usefulness. I know a lot of people won't like my opinion. But it's
past time that we, the operators on the air, should determine how best
to accomodate our operations and not arbitrary regulations.

Somehow we all seem to coexist on 160m which should be a model for the
rest of our bands.

72, de Nate >>


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