moderated Re: My apologies

Dennis Schaefer

Yes, this is something I have wondered about. I read the group rules and was glad I did because I had once considered posting a couple of “non-4SQRP” QRP rigs for sale. I have never been closely involved with the group but did attend one Branson meeting and have enjoyed the discussions. I am glad I read the rules because I’m sure I would have had my hands slapped for the for sale items. I guess the problem is that by not being closely involved, I didn’t realize that 4SQRP is not really a club. I used to think of it as the QRP club for this region, which had a core of members who made kits. Now, I think either I misunderstood, or things have changed. I understand that the kits are a public service and no one is making a living off of them, I just didn’t realize the focus of the group had become so rigid.

I have bought a few 4SQRP rigs, and will certainly limit any future posts to those rigs or specific 4SQRP activities if I stay in the group. I sure wish there was a regional QRP group where we could discuss general QRP subjects with people in the same geographical area, and possibly occasionally sell an item to known people without resorting to eBay or, etc.

Dennis, W5RZ

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