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All, Ron is correct, the request for info was on grparci.  My TRASH folder is on emptied by Yahoo once or twice a month..... maybe once a week.  Here’s a screenshot of the email.    John, KK4ITX 


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When I look through my emails, you posted that on the qrparci site, not 4sqrp.


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Hmmm? It was gone a while ago...I just now looked, and it is still was headed up with "Little Joe -Whatizzit?" and I don't find that anywhere on the site.  Something happened to it.


It doesn't matter now, as several 4SQRO members sent me copies of the QST project article or a schematic for a Little Joe.  One even gave me the call of AE5VM, the Little Joe expert/guru.


I know I can't discuss Non-4SQRP stuff which is in competition with the 4SQRP kits and wouldn't do so.  But, I don't see how asking for how to find info on the Little Joe was a violation.  All I needed was a schematic and preferably a copy of the 39 year old article on it.  The Little Joe was neither a commercial rig or kit, just an old QST project.


Heaven forbid if I should mention even older stuff, like a 1960's Tuna Tin, ask how a spark gap transmitter works.




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I do not see anything in the group's moderator actions log that looks like your message was deleted by an owner/moderator.

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