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We are as tolerant as we can be. The member in question posted on another reflector, not ours, which is why he couldn’t find it here. IMHO we would have been happy to accommodate his posts on an old QST kit.

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Personally I think if you can't on rare occasions deviate a tad on subject matter, then one should never give credit to 4SQRP on any other reflector.  That said, I don't really know what the official ruling is on all this.  I certainly don't mind a deviation from time to time.  But, I must admit, all the well wishers at Christmas time and New Years gets a little old.  If you want to do it, send them privately.  The message that bugs me is  "I agree!"  Anyway,  how about just being a little tolerant as things will calm down shortly.  Take  a breath and stay away from the keyboard.  Life is too short for petty annoyance to take your time!   (I've got to tell myself this all the time!)

Lee, w0vt 

On 1/1/2021 11:53 AM, bigusmith via wrote:

I didn't think I had done anything wrong when I sought information for something which was not a commercial product, but rather a QRP transmitter circuit published in QST 39 years ago.  True there was a circuit board that I had which was made by a company which no longer exists and I had a bunch of components which were made by companies which may or may not still exist.

Since it related to a non-commercial old-time QST project, I don't know what I did wrong to get my query deleted...I am hesitant to ask anything about QRP equipment unless it is something sold by 4SQRP, as I don't understand what I did wrong and am afraid to talk about any QRP circuit which is not for a 4SQRP product.

EuGene, KA5NLY

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