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This thread may be closed (as it needs to be!)

But, here is my original posting about the "Little Joe" transmitter:

Early last year I bought a junkbox of stuff for $5 at a hamfest, and down amongst the stuff was a Tupperware food container with a bunch of assorted components and two small circuit boards in it.  One board was for a Mosfet Dip Meter and the other one for a Little Joe (it also came with a front and rear panel for a Little Joe so it was obviously a QRP transmitter.  The components may belong to one or both of those circuit boards.

I googled it and found that the Little Joe was in the September 1981 QST which I don't have access to.  I could not find the QST article or anything else on-line to give me the info on the Little Joe, parts list, assembly, or anything else about the little transmitter.  It looked like it might be a fun thing to put together if I can find any information on it.

Even if I had a parts list, the company that made the circuit board (Circuit Board Specialists) didn't bother to print the part names of the board, so I would have no clue where to put any parts.  Since it is such an old circuit, it may not begin to meet today's FCC standards, not to mention it may have unobtainium parts, so is it worth the trouble to build it?

The same outfit also made the Mosfet Dip Meter board (which also does not have part names printed on it) that has no indication where its information was published, so I couldn't find anything on it.  Who uses a "grid dip meter" these days?  But, I would build it anyhoo, just for meanness if I had the needed info.

Anybody have any info on these thigs?

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