New revB Bayou Jumper on the air

Jerry Brown


Always appreciate your contributions from Cajun country....

Anxiously awaiting your introduction of the GUMBOTRON


For me almost everything but ice cream tastes better with TABASQSO.

72/73 in 2021,

Jerry N4EO, ex-YI9EO; OM of Angie, KH6EO

On Fri, Jan 1, 2021 at 11:56 AM Jim, N5IB <n5ib@...> wrote:

During the preceding hour (1400Z to 1459Z) I will try try to put a revB Bayou Jumper beta build on the air at about 7020.1 kHz.
As you may have read in earlier messages, The 'Jumper is coming back! This is one of the beta kits - just completed and checked out.

73 and Happy New Year
Jim, N5IB

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