Re: MFJ-959 Antenna Tuner/Preamp manual wanted


MFJ has the manual for the 959C version here: MFJ-959C, ANTENNA TUNER, SWL, WITH PREAMP | MFJ Enterprises Inc

no idea the difference between the original and the 'C' version but probably very little difference.

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On Monday, January 4, 2021, 08:40:59 PM CST, bigusmith via <bigusmith@...> wrote:

If anyone has a manual for a MFJ 959 tuner I would love to buy it from you or pay for a photocopy of it.

It is an older model with the old style cream colored cabinet with fake wood-grain sides, 5 knobs straight across in a row, and no meter.

I googled it but found no manual and checked but he didn't list that model

EuGene Smith, KA5NLY

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