Re: What Kit's would be nice for 2021


Hmmm - the PS side need not be that expensive with a pair of 115/230 to 25.2 VCT transformers wired back to back; you get 150-160 volts for the plates, up to 150 or so for the screen grids and if you tap one side of the low voltage output of the first transformer for 12.6 for filaments. You can even regulate the plate supply to eliminate the dreaded "Yoop" ...................


On Wednesday, 6 January 2021, 05:52:22 am GMT+1, n4mj via <n4mj@...> wrote:

Exactly Tim. A simple tube xcvr with xtal controlled tx would be nice. It might be a little price but the nostalgia would be the driver. Would certainly consider a purchase. Love that warm glow.
73 de n4mj//glenn

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On Tuesday, January 5, 2021, 09:42:40 PM CST, Tim N9PUZ <tim.n9puz@...> wrote:

How about a single band tube transceiver? I know because of power
supplies, etc. it wouldn't be dirt cheap but I think there'd be
something satisfying sitting around the glow of a little tube rig
cranking out Q's in the evening.


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