Re: What Kit's would be nice for 2021 and SSS reminder

Don, W9EBK

I like your idea of a hybrid,  but here's my twist.  I remember an article in a ham magazine many decades ago about removing the tube finals and running just the driver to the output to make a QPR rig out of a regular 100 transceiver.  So, how about a hybrid transmitter that can run 5 watts with a tube final at home.  Pull out the tube,  put a jumper and you have yourself a 1/2 watt battery powered portable rig.

OK, just like you I'll go back under my rock since this is likely a hair-brained scheme. 

Don, W9EBK
John, AA0VE wrote:
Here's a hair-brained idea:  A solid state transceiver with one tube
there just for effect. The filament could light with the 12 volt supply
but not do anything other than drain the battery faster and maybe
provide enough light to see your logbook (and keep your hands warm). 
When operating in the field, the tube could be removed to conserve
power.  OK, I'll get back under my rock...

Don't forget that this coming Sunday from 7:00-9:00 pm (CST) is the
January Second Sunday Sprint.  Rules are on the 4SQRP website, under
"operating activities".

I'm having some major construction done here at the house but hope to be
able to tabulate the results as usual next week, assuming all the
fillings haven't rattled out of my teeth by then!

72 and happy belated New Year,

John, AA0VE
4SQRP Contest Coordinator

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