Re: What Kit's would be nice for 2021

Johnny AC0BQ

Hello Tom 
We have talked about this. 
It needs a rework to add feature and put it in a box? 
I still use mine, but its unhandy to move the jum[ers!

On Wed, Jan 6, 2021 at 8:55 PM Tom Sevart <tmsevart@...> wrote:
On 1/6/2021 08:47, Jeff, K9JP wrote:
> I would like to suggest:
> 1)  bench test set.  Maybe a wall wart style power supply, frequency
> counter, field strength meter, SWR bridge or indicator, dummy load, volt
> meter. ohm meter, etc. all in one pc board case.  Something that would
> not take up much work bench space, but would be so very helpful in
> troubleshooting and learning.

The 4SQRP group already put out the HF test set.  It's got a frequency
counter, crystal oscillator, dummy load, noise generator, audio tone
generator, and TDR.  That kit was retired long ago, so I don't know if
they'd be willing to resurrect it.

> 2) Six meter FM or CW receiver to be used as a monitor receiver for band
> openings.

I already have a 6m receiver in the form of my Icom R75.  But I've long
wanted to get onto 6m, so a 6m xceiver kit would be great, either CW or
SSB or both.

> 6) 10 meter beacon receiver to help monitor band openings.

Another good idea.  What I actually do is have an old CB hooked up in my
shack to listen for 10m band openings.  When I hear all the overpowered
stations blabbering on channel 6, I know that 10 might be opening up.
But a 10 beacon receiver would be a neat idea.

Tom Sevart N2UHC
St. Paul, KS

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