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Don, W9EBK

NDB is a non-directional beacon,  used for aircraft navigation. They were largely replaced by VORs in the 1960s and later mostly superceded by GPS. Nevertheless some NDBs are still operational.  Our 1975 vintage Cessna 172 has a NDB receiver in it. Just for fun I used it the last time I flew into Lincoln,  IL. The NDB on that airport is callsign AAA.  NDBs operate on frequencies below the AM broadcast band.  Normally they are heard no more than 20 miles,  but when propagation is good I've heard hams and SWLs report hearing them as much as 1000 miles away. If you are bored on a winter night tune around 300 to 400 KHZ and listen for 3 digit CW identifiers being sent at 5 WPM. Those are NDBs.
Don, W9EBK 

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What is a NDB?

EuGenem KA5NLY

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On 1/5/2021 21:20, WA0ITP wrote:
> I enjoy chasing NDBs.  How about an NDB receiver with a nice tight audio
> band pass filter?

Also not a bad idea, except that NDB's have a limited life.  More and
more are being shut down as time goes on, and probably within 10 years
there won't be any left on the air.

Tom Sevart N2UHC
St. Paul, KS

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