QRP QUARTERLY 25 years & More - Journal Collection DVD 2020 ( ... Onwards ... )

Andy - GM0NWI

Hi Everyone ....

A bit off-topic perhaps and i apologise to the group list moderators

Im asking here as i know some of you will have done this on occasion for yourself

Myself and my family tried to find out the current correct QRP ARCI officer and procedure again to purchase the dvd in the subject heading for christmas there

Alas this was to no avail with no answers to my sisters enquires to the toystore

I would very much still like to have the updated dvd I always have this same trouble each time we try to order this dvd

Perhaps its due to the fact i have a qth in Scotland - United Kingdom

And NOT The U.S.A or Canada ??

Can some help my family get the show on the road happenin with this for me by assistance somehow ?


Much Obliged !

72’s 73’s
Andy - GM0NWI
The City Of Stirling
United Kingdom

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