Possible Bayou Jumper operating event

Jim, N5IB

Calling all Agents...

How's this for an event to simulate how it was done "back in the day"

We recruit a QRO station (biiiiiig honkin' leenyar) to be "London"
"London" sits down on, say 7105 kHz, and calls CQ
Bayou Jumpers plug in their 7122 rocks and try to work "London"
"London" has to tune all around 7122 to find those Jumpers in their cute little QRP pileup.

Maybe "London" sends a unique BBC-style "message for our friends…" to each caller
e.g. "Jean has a long mustache" "the porridge is cold" etc

Certificate or QSL to each agent who copies successfully.
Extra Spam ration coupon to "London" for the effort.
For more realism, "London" ought to be a YL

How many Bayou Jumpers could we get to congregate?
Could we find a way for those poor, Jumperless, QRPers to join in?

Jim, N5IB

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