Save the date - 20 Jan 2021 - 0000 - 0400 UTC - Bayou Jumper Event

Jim, N5IB

I'll post this also to the Bayou Jumper Group.

Save the date - 20 Jan 2021 - 0000 - 0400 UTC

IF ---- big IF ---- we can get organized fast enough, lets try to recognize the 127th anniversary of the birth of Brigadier Sir Richard Gambier-Parry, KCMG, born Jan 20 1894. His amateur call in the early 20s was 2DV, that was before the "G" was added. Sir Richard headed up the communications section of SOE, supervising the folks who built the Parasets and communicated with the agents in occupied territories.

I'd really like to recruit to be "London" an OM/YL team of CW ops. Able to run some power - at least 100W, preferably more. We could ask the Agents to try to identify which op by the rhythm of their fists. If you want to volunteer or suggest a team, reply privately. I'll check with the SKCC folks as well for possibilities.

Maybe..... we could also find a station in the UK to join in.

Be thinking about a qsl design.

More to come as (if) it comes together.

As the Agents would bid each other, "merde allors"

Jim, N5IB

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