Re: Possible Bayou Jumper operating event

Jim, N5IB

Hi Curt,

I hadn't even thought about "London" being on SSB !
What fun ..... hey ( evil grin ) what about working on.... wait for it.... 7126 kHz, upper sideband ??!
That'd give some of the 40m denizens something to chew on.

So far haven't scared up any volunteers for "London"
May have to push the date back some, which would give more time for a bunch of newly minted Bayou Jumpers to get checked out.
My station, I'm afraid, really doesn't have enough uumph to be "London" and I'm not very centrally located, but might consider doing it as a test run on the 20th

There are some more more significant SOE/SIS birthdays approaching:

Jan 30 1890: Major General Sir Stewart Graham Menzies, KCB KCMG DSO MC
He was "C" - heading SIS during WW2

Mar 15 1921 Eileen Mary "Didi" Nearne, MBE Croix deGuerre
She was a wireless operator for SOE
Escaped from the Gestapo and lived 'till 2010
Her sister and brother also were SOE agents
her 100th birthday approaching - she'd be a great one to honor

April 1 1890: Sir Mansfield George Smith-Cumming, KCMG CB
Head of SIS, he was the very first to sign his documents with "C"

April 6 1906: Virginia Hall Goillot, DSC MBE Croix deGuerre
An American working for both the SOE and OSS
known to the Gestapo as "the limping lady" because she'd lost a leg in a pre-war accident


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