Re: W0RW @ Ice Station Zebra…12 Jan. 2021, 1800z


Isn't a BC221 a Frequency standard.  You modified that?

On 1/11/2021 11:11 AM, w0rw wrote:

W0RW @ Ice Station Zebra…12 Jan. 2021.

Getting ready for Winter Field Day,

Winter Field Day is Jan 30/31.
Still freezing here w/ much snow.

Time: 1800z, (1300 EST).

Freq: 7032 kHz +/- 2.

i will be using my modified BC221 at 8 watts on 40 meters..
Then at 1900z,  i will be on 14061 kHz, +/- 2,
Later on 14285 +/- 5 SSB.

Read all about the Las Brisas Observatory 

(Ice Station Zebra  is the Administration Building on the left).

The QSL card for this operation will be of the BC221 QRP Radio.

Paul W0RW


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