Re: Possible Bayou Jumper operating event



well if you study 40m propagation now you may discover the band is quite long at time - so with many stations in 4 state region and about - good to have someone who is not close!  wow 'Houston' is quite heroic also (aka Apollo 13) -- you may wish to recruit a few geographically dispersed net control stations - and okay of course to keep it on CW (I was honestly thinking split -- not necessarily CW and SSB on same frequency). 

when you built your BJ prototype I built a similar Tx, but went a different direction on a regen receiver - the WBR - not integrated but I did use the tuna tin 2 +mosfet Tx with a magic box (so forgive my QSK !). 

have fun - I might be away when you do the initial one, but it might catch on to be done again maybe. 

73 Curt

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