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Jim Manley

Hi Keith,

Once we make our first QSO with our Jumpers, can we still apply for our Secret Agent Number?  I noticed on the application form that it doesn’t have a choice for the new Rev B Blue panel model.  Was this done to snag nasty Nazi interlopers, and we have to know to make ourselves a write-in candidate?

This is going to be a blast-and-a-half! I’ll bet some vendor-buyer coordinator at the Hobby Lobby HQs is wondering why they’re suddenly having to order pallet-loads of the raw materials to be transformed into the Official Bayou Jumper Wooden Box Case!

It would be amazingly cool if we could come up with a Bayou Jumper version of the Little Orphan Annie Official Secret Decoder Ring, ala the one featured in the Jean Shepherd movie  “A Christmas Story”.  Perhaps a 3-D printed model could be hacked up that could be printed locally and/or ordered from one of the on-line 3-D printing vendors.

One of those could even be used to create fine sand molds to make cast metal versions, and if the demand were enough, even make a metal mold for serial production.  Hey, we need something to do while waiting for the practice and real secret agent sessions to roll around on January 20th and in March!


On Mon, Jan 11, 2021 at 6:59 PM Keith Arns via <> wrote:

For those who have built a new bayou jumper; How about some comments of your experience; Building and / or on the air stories for the February

QRP Banner.  A few sentences, paragraph or page with possible pictures would be great to share with other members.

Please email your comments to:

Regards and Stay Safe,
Keith Arns
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