Re: New Bayou Jumper Owners

Jim Manley

Hi Jim,

I figured I'd hear from the person who provides the certificates and panel stickers sooner or later!  I'm sure _someone_ here has another very nice color laser printer (or even better, a color deposition printer like the Tektronix Phasers).  I wouldn't have any problem printing my own certificate, and if I want something really fancy, I can go to an office store that provides printing services (e.g., Kinkos, Staples, Office Depot, etc.).

I'd like Agent 086, BTW, since Maxwell Smart was Agent 86 on the hilarious 1960s TV spy-spoof "Get Smart!".  Agent 99 on that show was the lovely Barbara Feldon, of course, so Agent 099 would have to be another beautiful YL.

Thanks for the quick response and  73_Morse_Animated_GIF.gif


On Tue, Jan 12, 2021 at 2:03 PM Jim, N5IB <n5ib@...> wrote:
You may certainly still apply for your Secret Agent Number.
I'll update the application form and get it to the WebMaster to put on the kit webpage.
Give a couple of days for that to happen.

Of the two-digit numbers, we are at Agent 065, though 086 is already assigned (Mike, how about telling us the story one more time)
and 099 is still, years later, reserved for the first YL to apply.

One glitch is that I no longer have a color laser printer.
So I can't make nice white-on-blue decals like the white-on-green of before.
A test decal of black on clear did not show up well at all.
I can do black on white, but that doesn't promise to look good on the blue panel.
Or I can do white on clear with a Brother P-touch, but can't do the fine detail, and only two lines.

For the certificates, after the few remaining are gone, may have to resort to making a customized PDF that each Agent can download and print.

Can't offer much as to a secret decoder ring  -- BTW... I had a Captain Midnight  --  Ovaltine,  uugghh!
But google "paper Enigma,"  and also read the coding instructions in the Files area of this Group.

Jim, N5IB

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