SSS Results for January

John Lonigro

January started off quite a bit better than last January, in which the winner had only 6 QSO points and there were 5 non-zero entries. This year, the January winner (John K4BAI) had a whopping 28 QSO points and we had 13 participants.  Perhaps the propagation gods are waking up??  And, since this is the first month of a new year, that means John is leading in the annual contest as well.  That is sure to change though.  Carl WB0CFF and Carl AA5VE (I like that call) both had 20 or more QSO points.

Congratulations to John. He will receive his January certificate shortly.  And congratulations to all 13 participants.  Here's hoping the participation continues at a high level all year long.

With Ozarkcon officially canceled for 2021, we probably should think about an Ozarkcon sprint for part of that weekend.  After Johnny comes out with the club's virtual Ozarkcon plans, I'll try to come up with a sprint that dovetails with his plans.

John, AA0VE
4SQRP Contest Coordinator

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