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Big “THANK YOU” for all the time you spend for helping all amateurs enjoy the hobby.  I knew in the back of my mind that it probably would not happen this year.  If things go right we can look forward to the event next year.  Pray for our country and stay safe until the vaccine reaches you.

Jack  .... WD0CFH


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On Jan 12, 2021, at 6:11 PM, W0MQY <womquee@...> wrote:

Thanks Johnny!  That’s a big relief for us old folks in our 80’s.  Really looking forward to the virtual Ozarkcon 2021.  
72 Joe W0MQY

P.s.  nice to work you on the Jan SSS.  You and a K3Y/4 was about all I could manage.  Band was so noisy.  I could see the 4s signals buried in the noise on the IC7300 but just couldn’t pull them out of the mud on 80 mtrs.  

On Tue, Jan 12, 2021 at 5:32 PM Johnny AC0BQ <jomatlock@...> wrote:
Good Evening Group 

Well I was hoping that I would not have to make this announcement, but due 
to the continued spread of Covid and the delays that have been encountered getting the vaccinations 
rolled out, we have decided to Cancel the in Person Ozarkcon for 2021,
that would have been in Branson, Mo. 

But, as an old saying goes, when you get handed Lemons, make Lemonade?

Well this is not exactly Lemonade but something a whole lot better!

We're planning to host a Virtual Ozarkcon via one of the social media platforms and disturbed via the World wide Web.
It will be very similar in format to the in person Ozarkcon 
except we will be able to view it from the safety of our homes. 

The Virtual Ozarkcon is planned for the Second weekend of April, on Saturday the 10th of April. We moved it forward a week since Easter weekend is the 3rd and 4th. 

We're working on the details and more details will be posted as soon as they are available. 

We will have a great lineup of speakers with a wide variety of Qrp presentations for you to enjoy. 
We plan to have a Wackey Key contest, with Video clips to be submitted online, as well as
the long standing and very popular Home Brew contest. 

We have decided to hold off on the Buildathon this year since we can't be in the same room together.
Who doesn't enjoy the smell of Melted solder and burning rosin?

We haven't decided if we will have the K0N ops on the air but we will let you know. 

Anyway, that's all I have for now. 
So stay tuned for updates as they are available. 

72, 73 
Stay healthy and I will see you all at the 2021 Virtual Ozarkcon. 
Johnny AC0BQ 

Joe Porter, PhD

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