Re: Ozarkcon 2021

John C. Demuth - K8CQA

I will mark that date on my calendar and will try to "attend".  I've wanted to attend one of these in person, but have found it difficult to get away that long, as I am caregiver for my wife of 55 years.  So sorry the in-person event had to be cancelled again, but it is probably best for all of us.  Jane and I have nearly completed the on-line course in learning to be hermits! Since March 1 she has only left the house for necessary medical appointments.  I make fast trips through a grocery store with a list arranged in the order of the store's layout; I try to minimize my exposure so I don't bring any bad cooties home to Jane, who is so susceptible to disease (and allergic to flu shots). A virtual event would be perfect, especially being able to plan for the date this far in advance.
Canton OH Chapter 21, QCWA, has been having weekly informal gatherings via ZOOM; they are a great wAy to get together.  We have a number of members join in who cannot normally attend due to distance.
After many years, Jane got her license (KC8IEE). She understands the need for an occasional key, etc.. I try to reciprocate by honoring her desire for a new crockpot or toaster oven, etc., occasionally.  This has worked for us for 55+ years!
I am looking forward to seeing you on April 10!
John - K8CQA

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