Re: Need help with software for Modular 40 meter CW transceiver from Aug 2016 QST

David Kukulka, AB9BZ

Thanks for posting this Richard, you've re sparked my interest in your rendition of the 49er vfo project.
I really like your code layout and the features that you added. I was able to tinker with your project
and got it to compile using the Arduino 1.8.12 IDE on ubuntu Linux. I then noticed some quirky
behavior and have added the code changes that you specified in the pdf. I was also a little puzzled
by the arduino output 13 keying the rig with +5V and decided that this output would drive an
opto-isolater that would key the rig. I made a call and was quickly picked up on RBN.
Now I'm working on reducing the BCI.

Thanks for putting your code out there for an interesting project.

Dave ab9bz

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