Re: Ozarkcon 2021

Tom Sevart

Hi guys, sorry I haven't responded in a while but I've been pretty busy here.

I saw the announcement about having three judges choosing the winner of the wacky key contest. I was thinking for the homebrew contest it would be neat if we could set up a website with the pictures or videos of the different projects, and then have people vote for their favorites on that webpage. However, I have very little website or HTML programming ability so I wouldn't be able to set it up. Nor would I have an idea how to prevent fraudulent voting. So perhaps it might be a better idea to use the three judge method for the homebrew contest as well. After the contest is over and winners selected, then perhaps we could showcase all the different projects on a webpage, like on the Ozarkcon or 4SQRP website.

Just throwing around ideas here, nothing's set in stone.

Tom Sevart N2UHC
St. Paul, KS

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