Re: New Kit Releases, Crystal Spotter and Ozark-17

Jim, N5IB

I should mention as an enclosure alternative. it will fit in ....... wait for it ....... An Altoids tin!

With one caveat. If you build it as specified, with the switch on the bottom, you can't shut the lid without turning it on and running down the battery.
But if you put the switch on the top, and are careful not to let the switch tabs poke through the bottom of the board, you can put a piece of plastic electrical tape over the bottom side switch pads, tuck it in an Altoids and shut the lid.

If you have a Sucrets tin, I think that fits without issue even with the switch on the bottom.

The 3D print alternative is there also, even if you don't have ready access to one. There may be a "Maker" group near you that does that stuff, and many public libraries now have 3D printers that you can submit files to and they will print them for a very nominal cost.

Jim, N5IB

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